Weather mini FAQ

Here're some frequently asked questions:

Weather mini for Mac

Q: Can't detect location when WLAN is turned off?

A: Currently macOS requires WiFi network turned on to detect users location.

Weather mini for Apple Watch

Q: What is a watch-only app?

A: A watch-only app (Independent watchOS app) has no iOS companion app, you can purchase it directly from the App Store on the watch. Of course, you can purchase it on iOS App Store, after a successful purchase, a download will be started on the watch automatically.

Q: Can't reload data after watchOS upgraded?

A: Please try to adjust the location permission again from your phone then relaunch the app on the watch. Sometimes the watch just won't popup the permission dialog again, weird 🤔.

Q: Can't download the app on the watch app store?

A: The watch app store uses the same account on your phone, and you can't sign in or sign out on the watch. So make sure to sign in first on your phone. When you download apps on the watch, you may be asked to input your passcode, so keeping your phone close would be a good idea, even on the latest series 5 watch, input long password is hard.

Q: Purchased the app on the phone, it didn't appear on the home screen of the phone?

A: Weather mini can be purchased on the app store on your phone, but it won't appear on your phone's home screen. The download should start automatically after the purchase, then check the purchased apps on your watch: Watch App Store > Account > Purchased, you can download Weather mini you just purchased on your phone here.

Q: Purchased the app on the phone, can't download it on the watch?

A: This is weird, please double-check the purchase on your phone first then check your watchOS version, Weather mini requires watchOS 6.0.

Q: I saw a settings panel in the app store screenshots, where is it?

A: Please try force touch to bring up the settings panel, you can change temperature units, choose different card styles there.

Q: 'No data available' or Can't load/reload data

A: Weather mini requires both location and network permissions to get weather data from the server.

For location permission, Weather mini requires the "While Using" permission; For network permission on cellular models, you can choose WLAN or WLAN + Cellular.

You can check current permissions on your watch:

  • Location Permission: Settings > Privacy > Location Services > Weather mini
  • Network Permission (GPS + Cellular Models Only): Settings > Cellular > Weather mini

If the location permission is not correct, you have to use your phone to update:

  • Location Permission on iOS: Settings > Privacy > Location Services > Weather mini

Restart the watch or reinstall the app after permission updates, Weather mini should load the data with correct permissions by now.

Q: The temperature is inaccurate

A: Weather mini supports both Celsius and Fahrenheit, please try force touch to bring up the settings panel and check, maybe it is just because of the different temperatures units.

Q: How can I change temperature units

A: Please try force touch to bring up the settings panel, you can change temperature units there.